Social media can be so enjoyable when it’s for personal fun. However, as a busy entrepreneur looking to reap the benefits of having a social media presence, it can get a little daunting.

That’s why Women Entrepreneurs International has partnered with Tamay Shannon for a webinar dedicated to helping small business owners and entrepreneurs up their social media game with ease. Tamay created W2S Marketing, Where 2 Start Marketing, to help take the overwhelming feeling out of social media.

On Tuesday, August 24 at 6 PM EST, Tamay will share her knowledge with Women Entrepreneurs International in a new webinar.

What is Social Media Guide for Busy Entrepreneurs?

Tamay knows that social media can be a pivotal part of an entrepreneur or small business’s marketing mix to increase revenue. She has over ten years of experience helping brands use social media to gain exposure with less hassle.

Let’s face it the hassle of social media is part of the struggle people face when trying to utilize it for business purposes.

Kim Coles, Government Contractors Association, and Garnish & Gather are only a few of the brands that have benefited from Tamay’s guidance. Her guide works!

The best way to understand Tamay’s webinar is for her to describe it in her own words.

“Social media rewards action, not postponed messages because they are not perfect. This workshop will walk you through creating a quick strategy that will empower you to take action and move your business forward. In addition, you will walk away with new resources (not Canva) that will allow you to leverage the best-kept secret in social media, your content,” Tamay shared with Women Entrepreneurs International.

What can people expect from WE Webinar?

The WE Webinar: Social Media Guide for Busy Entrepreneurs will focus on creating a new way for small business owners and entrepreneurs to look at social media for their business. While there are small actions that can be taken, understanding how to be good at business because of social media is essential.

Before all the tools can be used, entrepreneurs or small business owner must determine their vision, goals, baseline, target market, and raving fans. Tamay will go through each of these categories to ensure everyone has a strategy.

Once the strategy is established, Tamay will walk attendees through the steps and actions needed to view social media for business in a whole new light.

Don’t worry, those who attend won’t be left high and dry once Tammy has shared her incredible knowledge. There will be a question-and-answer section so everyone can pick Tamay’s brain and begin using her guideline immediately.

While this article gives you all sorts of information on the WE Webinar: Social Media Guide for Busy Entrepreneurs, the only way to fully know what it is, is to attend.

So, please joins us on Tuesday, August 24 at 6 PM EST for an exciting event filled with lots of information that will make using social media easier for your business.

The webinar will be a ton of fun, so don’t miss out. Register here now!



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