Money and business are two things that go hand in hand. They are also two things that women entrepreneurs can struggle with personally and professionally.

There are many challenges facing entrepreneurs and small business owners. It’s no secret the right tools and guidance can go a long way to helping achieve success.

When it comes to money, people, especially women, can get a little uncomfortable when the topic is brought up. Enter Bree Falato, who has graciously agreed to do a webinar for Women Entrepreneurs International on Wednesday, September 22 at 6 PM EST.

Bree spent two almost two decades in the corporate world focusing on communications, community impact, and strategic programming and partnerships before launching her own financial services practice amid the coronavirus pandemic. The skills Bree honed in the corporate sector combined with her passion for helping people have made her one in-demand Financial Representative.

One thing that sets Bree apart from the rest is her ability to make all her clients feel comfortable. She works hard to make sure all her clients have financial peace of mind. Not just professionally but personally too because, let’s face it, women are making financial decisions more than ever these days.

Bree’s talkative, easy-going nature will make all those who attend the webinar feel as though they are listening to a friend. This mother of three knows precisely what’s important for families and those not in the family stage yet.

Yes, this money and business workshop will be not only informative but also entertaining.

What is the Money and Business webinar?

It’s easy to say attend our Women Entrepreneurs International because Bree rocks, and you will learn invaluable information regarding money and business.

However, there’s nothing like the host of the webinar describing what it herself.

“Women face unique challenges when it comes to finances. Even more so when you are a female entrepreneur. This session will address those challenges and help illustrate strategies to help put you and your business on the path to financial wellness,” Bree Falato.

The webinar is a helpful guide by a woman who has started her own business and knows first-hand the financial challenges women face.

What will be discussed at the Money and Business workshop?

There’s no question when it comes to women and finances that many topics need to be discussed. Bree has broken webinar into the top categories that pertain to women entrepreneurs.

One area is the top three challenges that are unique to women in finances: the wage gap, women as the caregivers, and women living longer lives.

Bree will also discuss the difficulties that female entrepreneurs face, such as funding, gender bias, and lack of support. Then there are the risks that any and all small businesses face daily. Those will be touched upon too.

Finally, webinar attendees will be given tools and strategies for overcoming those challenges and risks with confidence. These skills are invaluable to anyone in the entrepreneurial world but especially women.

If you want to learn about money and business from a woman filled with knowledge in a comfortable and safe environment, please join Women Entrepreneurs International on Wednesday, September 22 at 6 PM EST.

To register, please We Webinar: Money & Business with Bree Falato, please click here.



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